I wrote a post about strength training for women awhile back and it has been one of my most read post on this blog (over 5,ooo views in 3 months! Thank you all for reading it). In that post, I basically called out women to stop being afraid of weight lifting and start getting after it. Today, I want to cover the same topic, but address to ALL of you reading this.

Put The Work Back In Working Out

I have never been a fan of big box gyms. They don’t stand for results in my eyes. They are more focused on hitting sales numbers, hitting bottoms lines and increasing revenue that getting results. Trust me, I know that is how you run a business. From big businesses to small business, that is one of the critical areas to ensure your business stays afloat. However, big box gyms focus on this so much they sacrifice their results of their clientele. Don’t believe me? Just walk into any big box gym and tell me what you see. Caffeine-doped muscle heads throwing weights around? Teens with makeup on a bike going 1-mph reading People magazine? People wandering around trying to find some machine they know how to work, rather than a machine that actually works for them? Sure, there are those few people that actually WORK at the gym. But for the most part, people there are going through the motions so they can attempt to convince people they are trying to do something for their health.

Think about it. How many people are in a gym at any given time? How many gyms are through out the US? How many people are overweight and obese? The numbers don’t add up. Something isn’t working. People aren’t working. We have developed a society where we praise people for just stepping foot in a gym. If you are around a group of people and you say you go to the gym, people think you area  dedicated individual and health conscious. But are you? That is the question I want to pose today.

Real Results or Perceived Success?

There are many people out in the world who would rather make it seem like the have success, than actually getting success. You probably know people that like. Those people who are always trying a new diet or workout program because they want to get in shape, but have never got in shape. They give off the perception they are trying, but nothing actually putting in the work. Or maybe you know someone who constantly talks about starting that small business and being a millionaire with their idea that they have, only to be still working a dead-end job 5 years later. They give off the perception the can do it, but they actually don’t want to put in the work. And my favorite is the copy-catters. Those people who try to be into the same things you are. You are going on atkins? Me too. You are going to get into real estate? Me too. You are going to invest in stocks? Me too. But no action is taken. No work is done. They give off the perception that they can be as successful as you because it is easy that putting in the work and time.

It Is Easier To Do Nothing Than Something

I don’t care what you are doing in life, the best way to get results is to put in work. There is no such thing as an easy way out. However, our human nature tells us it is easier to do nothing that to do something. It is simply easier to talk about results than get results. It is easier to walk into a gym and do easy stuff and make it appear that you are getting results than actually putting in work and getting work done. It is easier to do something easy that something hard. Rocket science, huh?

If you want results, in any facet of your life, put in work. I don’t care if it is your relationships, work life, finances, health, whatever you are doing – if you put in the work, dedication and time, you will get anything you want.

Let me say that one more time because it is a big deal and I believe in this will all my being: You can have anything you want out of life if you put in the work. Want that tone body? Put in the work. Want financial freedom? Put in work. Want a strong relationship? Put in the work. And I am not talking about that fake work to make the entire world think you are doing the work. I am talking about actually dedication to you and your life in order for YOU to see real results in your life. After all, at the end of your time here, would you rather look back and see that other people THOUGHT you had a good life, or would you rather look back and KNOW you did everything you could to have the best life possible? The choice is yours.

Putting The Work Back In Working Out

Seeing that this is a fitness site, I am going to get back on the topic of fitness. If you want results, hit the gym. HARD. Don’t fake it. Get up and do it. Don’t have a gym pass? There are hundreds of at home tools you can use to get the same great workout (I actually would rather see you invest in at home workout tools than a gym membership personally). The point here isn’t to workout out in a gym. The point here is to do work. Sweat. Hurt. Be sore the next day. And WANT to do the same thing the next day. If you start putting in the work in your work outs, you will see results. I guarantee it.

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