Have you ever though what you are eating? Like truly contemplated what you are putting in your body. My guess is probably not. You probably aimlessly put whatever is in front of you in your mouth. I know I do. Quite often, I just go through the motions of eat food without ever thinking about what I am putting into my body. But if you really think about, you might actually gain valuable insight on how you are eating. After all,  you are what you eat.

I HATE the word diet. It is the most disgusting word ever created. People throw it around like the honestly know what it means. Yet, people are always trying a new “diet” or talking how their “diet” isn’t working. A diet is simply WHAT you eat. A cow’s diet consists of grass and grains. A dog’s diet consist of dog food and the occasional couch cushions. So to say that you are “on a diet” just isn’t right.

You Are What You Eat

Obese KidNow, I want you to pay attention to this part. It may get a little confusing. If you eat crap, you will be crap. If you eat healthy, you will have health.

Did you get that? I know it was a lot to take in. I will say it again just to be sure you understand the concept. If you continue to put processed, sugary, fatty foods into your body, you will have a processed, sugary, fatty body. You arteries will be pissed off, your heart will yell and scream, and your body will feel like crap (maybe it already does). Likewise, if you put clean, healthy fats, fresh foods into your body, your body will be clean, healthy and fresh. Your arteries will be clean and free flowing. Your heart can do the proper work. Your body will be healthy.

Now – I know this isn’t new knowledge. You know you are suppose to be eating clean and healthy. And you honestly may be trying. But like most people, you probably don’t pay close attention to the ingredients that are in your food. Marketing teams to a great job about putting healthy twists on food that are actually not that healthy. But just read the ingredients. Can you even pronounce those? Why, then, do you insist on putting unknown substances into your body? My theory: If you can pronounce it, you really should try to avoid it.

Also consider this: The more hands something touch, the more unhealthy it is. Food that has to go from a garden or farm, then gets sent someplace to be process, then sent someplace else to be packaged, etc, isn’t the best. Eating as close to the source as possible is the best way to go.

Eat Real Food

When it comes down to it,  the best way to eat is just to eat real, close to the source, clean, quality food. Fresh fruit and veggies. Lean meats. Fish. Chicken. Nuts. Seeds. Water. Think colorful. In reality, this is by far the best “diet” you can be on. You will start feeling real, clean and full of quality if you do. After all, you are what you eat.

So here is my challenge to you: For one day – 24 hours – write down every single thing you put into your body. I don’t mean just “19 wheat thins”. Go grab the box and write the ingredients that are in there. Everything you eat or prepare should have a list of ingredients. Write it down. You may be surprise at what you see! After you right it down, if you would like some assistance what it means, how to fix it, and where to go from here, I am offering FREE email support for this challenge. Just drop me a line and I will help out.

To Your Health.



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  1. Fabinski says:

    I totaly agree with you! You are right … the fast food is not good … it is verry bad for healt … but they will never stop…. 🙁

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