I have heard pretty much every excuse in the book. It is amazing what people will say when they are unmotivated or don’t really want to face the truth. I understand it for the most part. I, as a human, am guilty of it some times as well. There are days when you know you need to work out, but you just can’t seem to muster up the will power to hit the gym. I understand that completely. That is human nature. That happens to everyone. The ones that get result know how to develop the mental will power to get themselves to the gym or through a workout regardless of how they are feeling. Those who don’t do that continue to make excuses on why they aren’t getting results.

“No one ever excused his way to success.”

One excuse that I hear some people use is “being fat is in my genetics.”. People think since their dad was overweight, and their mom was overweight, and their grandma was overweight, they are just destined to be overweight. It is in their DNA. There is no “fat” gene. There are genes that make you more susceptible to being overweight, but there is no direct gene, at least to my knowledge, that causes one to be fat. There are lifestyle habits that effect your weight. If your grandma is overweight and your parents are overweight, chances are they both have the same lifestyle of a poor diet and poor physical activity habits. Chances are good you have the same habits as your parents. People tell me all the time I look and act just like my dad. His habits and personality effects me. Your parents habits and personality effect you too. But that doesn’t mean you are stuck with them. Just because your parents eat a poor diet, doesn’t mean you have too either. You can change that.

Don’t Pass Obesity To Your Kids

There is no fat geneIn my opinion, these lifestyle habits that are passed down from generation to generation will make the future generations even fatter than we our now. My parent’s generation didn’t have fast food on every single corner, or 5000 tv channels. Our generation does. God only knows what the future generations will have in terms of “convenience”. It is up to YOU to break this growing trend of obesity. Good habits are just as contagious as bad ones. If you start creating a new, healthy lifestyle, and pass that one to your kids, and they pass it on, soon we will have a society that is healthy, strong and powerful. And if you get your family and friends involved in a healthy lifestyle, and they pass it on their their future generations, the healthy trend will grow exponentially and we may see the world get healthier in our lifetime.

So next time you are face with the option of working out and eating healthy, or letting your current bad habit lifestyle take over, think about the future generations and what you could be causing, or fixing. The choice is yours.

To your health,