fitness-secretI am going to reveal a secret in the health industry. This secret is so shocking, that people try to keep it hidden for you. Fitness professionals hide this so they can sell you things you THINK you need.  This is the code, the science if you will, behind the ultimate healthy lifestyle. People try to tweak this code in order to get the results, but there is only one true formula to get great health. I can’t believe I am revealing this, but I feel it needs to come out. Ok, here it goes, the big moment. The scientific formula behind living the healthiest life possible, are you ready?

Eating Healthy + Physical Activity

Yes – that is the formula. This is the secret to living the best life possible. A lot of people try to tweak this formula. They tell you that you need to lay off carbs. Or go high protein. Or go extremely low calories. Or they tell you that you need to do high intensity training. Or squats and deadlifts. Or 1000 crunches. And some have found tweaks that yield results…for a little while.

If you really want to make lasting health changes to your life, stick to the science. Eat healthy. Be active. It really is that simple. You don’t have to eat special foods! Just know what you are eating. Stay away from processed, get plenty of fruits and veggies and lean meats and drink plenty of water. Do SOMETHING everyday. That doesn’t mean you need to go run 10 miles at the gym, or be put through an extensive training program. Walk your dog. Walk with your significant other. Take the stairs. Park farther away. Take an extra lap around Target. Do jumping jacks during commercials of your favorite show. Or turn off LOST and go take a walk.

Now, I understand that if you have health issues, there will need to be tweaks and tunes to this formula. But this formula is the basis for every formula. If you need to lose a few pounds, or just live healthier, eating clean and getting physical activity in will do the trick. But here is the kicker – YOU HAVE TO DO IT! You need to make the conscious choice that you are going to take a walk everyday after work, or whenever it is. I can share the special rocket science with you, but ultimately it is up to YOU to take your health into your own hands and make a change. YOU can do it. I can help. Email me with questions, concerns, anything.