If this is your first time reading anything on this site, first off welcome! I hope you find the information you are looking for. If you are new, you will find if you look through a few articles that I preach a simple, effective approach to weight loss and fitness. Real result. Simple results. Just results. This post goes right along these lines. If you are a regular reader, this post shouldn’t a be a surprise on what I am going to say, but I still think you should read it.

Simple resultsThere was a recent study that was published in the ACSM Health and Fitness Journal regarding the habits of successful losers. Here are the 7 habits that they say are developed by the “successful losers” who lose weight and keep it off:

  1. High levels of physical activity (over 2000 calories a week, or 200 minutes of moderate intensity exercise).
  2. Limited TV watching.
  3. Low calorie/low fat diet.
  4. Consistent diet.
  5. Breakfast consumption.
  6. Controlled eating.
  7. Self Monitoring.

I would like to thank the researchers who conducted this research study for showing us the light. I, as a professional trainer actually thought the opposite. I was under the impression that if people were lazy, ate crap all day, watched high levels of TV, and didn’t give a crap about their health, then they would lose weight. I am glad you studied the effects of weight loss for 15 years in order to tell me these things. I would have been lost.

All kidding aside (I wasn’t serious in that last paragraph), I was shocked when I read this study. Yes, I am a nerd that I read studies. But I learn quite a bit. Like people are really caught in some unreal reality that it takes something special to get results. The only thing special to get results is to take action. That, in my eyes, is the biggest limiting factor for people to be successful. People know they need to get exercise. They know they should eat a salad (15 calories) vs. a cheeseburger (1000+ calories). The hardest part is overcoming human nature and taking that first step. And once that first step is taken, continuing on the path.

I understand that life is hard. There are people reading that look at this a say to themselves “I can’t find the time to burn 2000 calories a week”. I had a professor tell me one time that if you can’t find a time for physical activity now, you will be force to make time for disease later. Make it happen. Your health is the foundation of a good life. If you are overweight and you can do anything, what kind of life is that? I understand life is busy. Make time. Make it happen. Results will come. I can nearly guarantee that if you eat clean, get your physical activity in, and monitor your activity, you will  be successful.

To your health.