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The Twinkie Diet Works!! (Don’t Try This At Home)

There has been a news story running around and is quite popular with some of the health and fitness blogs that I read on a regular basis. Mark Haub, a professor of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, ate Twinkies, nutty bars or powdered donuts every 3 hours, instead of full healthy meals. He also […]

The Rocket Science Behind Getting Healthy


I am going to reveal a secret in the health industry. This secret is so shocking, that people try to keep it hidden for you. Fitness professionals hide this so they can sell you things you THINK you need.  This is the code, the science if you will, behind the ultimate healthy lifestyle. People try […]

Diet Mixers Make Your Drunk Faster

Diet mixers, such as low calorie tonic water, diet margarita mix and low calorie soda, spare calories but speed the rate that alcohol enters the bloodstream. High sugar liquids empty from the stomach more slowly than water or low calorie drinks. Diet mixers contain little or no sugar, so the alcohol in the drink leaves […]