It’s the new year. You have set the goals. You are going to train for a marathon. Train for a 5k. You are going to run every morning. You are going to walk every night. You are going to go the the gym 5 times a week. Great! I hope your resolutions are going as planned.

Running ShoesOne thing you need to consider with your workout resolutions are your shoes. Shoes very often get overlook, especially by beginners. Most people put on the only pair of athletic shoes they have, that most of the time are a few years old. Others go to high end shoes stores and get a pair of shoes that are not only way to expensive for what they need, they are probably not the right kind.

When picking a pair of shoes, you first need to ask yourself what are you doing? Are you running, walking, weights or something else? If you are walking, you will get way better support if you purchase walking specific shoe because you will get more stability when you walk. If you are running and you purchase a walking shoe, you will just be clunking around. This will be the first thing should consider when buying a shoe.

The next thing you should consider is honestly how much you are going to use them. If you are training for a marathon and will be putting many hours and miles on your shoes, I highly recommend going to a good shoe store and having someone look at your foot, look at your gait and recommend a shoe that will keep your foot cozy as you plug away at the miles. If you are a casual runner, I still recommend getting your gait and foot looked at, but most importantly for you is you find a shoe that fits you right and will not give you blisters. If you would like recommendations on shoe stores in your area, drop us a line at and let us know where you are located at, and what you are doing (running, walking, marathon, ETC) and I can let you know some places to check out.

The most important thing you need to do is have a dedicated pair of shoes to workout in! You cannot take your workout, runs or walks seriously if you use the same pair of shoes that you hit pavement with, then go to a picnic in. You need to have a pair of shoes strictly for your workouts. This will not only make your shoes last longer, but it will help your feet and you will be less likely for injuries. Also remember that shoes have about a 300-500 mile limit on them, depending on the shoe. If your shoes are getting worn out, get another pair to avoid injury.