I am currently reading a book called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi. It is a basic financial book that has some amazing information (I say basic because it is, but I doubt you are doing what the book is saying!). In his book, he makes a very valid point about finances and ways to save/grow your money. I highly recommend this book for anyone that needs a straight forward, no BS book on finances and ways to automate your finances. But this isn’t a review of the book.  Ramit poses a question to his  readers: Do you want to be sexy, or do you want to be rich?

Ramit goes onto explain that his way of finances isn’t sexy. It is practical and it works. I want to pose the same question to all of you: Would you rather be sexy, or healthy? Basically, do you just want to give the appearance that you are doing something towards health, or do you actually want to do it?

Way to many people TALK about what they are doing in regards to their health. They tell you what diet they are on, what workout plan they are doing, and other random facts to give the appearance that they are taking the appropriate steps to get in shape. But they never talk about the positive results they are getting. Sure, it may sound all glamorous that they are doing the same cleanse diet as Beyonce, but are they really getting results that they need in your life?

There has to be a point when you ask yourself if you would rather go through life giving the appearance of being healthy, but really not being healthy at all, or if you just want to stop with all the bullshit and just go do it. Getting healthy isn’t rocket science. It isn’t glamorous. It isn’t sexy. But it can save your life. There isn’t some magic formula to get in shape. And as much as you want to believe it, talking about it just won’t get your results. You need to shut up, put in the sweat equity and get results.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. You can keep doing what you are doing and get the same results you are getting. You can keep talking about getting in shape or running a marathon or doing a triathlon. You can keep telling people you are on the latest and greatest diet or you can’t lose weight because of your thyroid. You can keep down the path that will yield no results. Or you can actually go get results. You can put all the excuses behind you and find a way to get results. You can stop all the talk and just get the results you  need. Don’t get me wrong, just talking about something is WAY easier than actually doing something. But in terms of your health, talking about it won’t do a damn thing. You actually have to get up and move!!

Stop the talk. Start the action.

To your health,