Through this series on how to set, achieve and exceed goals, we have covered the whole parameters of setting a goal. First, we went over defining what it is that you want to do. Then we discussed how to create your road map. Then we moved into how to use your road map. Next we chatting about overcoming obstacles, then last time we discuss not stopping at success, but keeping pushing forward.

So what is there left to do? Why a 6 part series?

I did a 6 part series so I can have one lesson to drive home one BIG point: Taking action is the only way you will get your goal accomplished. As much as I think this post series awesome and great for establishing all the needed tools for creating, accomplishing and totally killing your goals, if you simply just read it you will not get results. None. Zilch. Nada. The only way you will hit your goals is to go out and hit your goals. Very simple point, but very important in the same sense.

Take Action Now

Take Action NOWSo the 6th part of the series is basically to tell you don’t wait until the 31st. New Year Resolutions are one of the biggest let downs. Like diets, they set you up for only short term success. Waiting until once a year to create your goals doesn’t make sense. Then you fall off the wagon one time, and you use the excuse of “I’ll just try it again next year”. How many years are you going to spend NOT hitting your new year resolutions until you realize that something needs to change. So instead of making a New Year Resolution this year, start right now.

I’m not joking. Right now. Do something for your goal right now to start yourself on the journey. You have your goal. You have your road map. You have your motivation. You have everything you need to be successful except one key factor. ACTION.

Take that action right now. Get up and go do one thing to start you on your journey. Take that first walk. Take that first store and get healthier foods. Research that gym membership. Go purchase your TRX. So review your credit cards. Go start automating your finances. Go start researching what you need to get your degree. Don’t wait for your pseudo starting point before you start taking action. There is no better time than right now!

So remember in the end, you can plan your work till you are blue in your face but until you start working your plan, you will get no where. The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Take action on your goal right now and start BEFORE the new year.

I hope you enjoyed reading this series as much as I liked writing it. I hope it encourages you to get up and start doing. As always, should you have questions, or comments, email me at or leave a comment below!

To Your Health,