First thing first: I have created a dedicate page to this series. You can visit our Goal Setting Series page here. So if you are new to this, check out all the other posts then come back and read this one.

Now back to the good stuff:

In part 5 of this 6 part series (we are getting close!), I am going to discuss how to completely surpass all your expectations. After all, I called this series how to achieve, succeed and EXCEED your goal setting. So now we are going to get into the exceeding part. Setting a goal and hitting it is nice. Setting a goal, hitting it and keep surpassing it is even better.

Setting-GoalsOne issue most people have is they set a goal, hit it, and they are done. Most of those people end up right back where they started from simply because they don’t know where they go from here. . In the first part of this series, you should have set a goal that isn’t easy to reach, but isn’t impossible at the same time. So first, if you hit your goal, pat yourself on your back because if you set your goal up right, you have done one hell of a job.

Then, re-adjust the result. I have mentioned before that there are no such things as failures. A “failure” is only a result. If you re-adjust the result, you will get a better result in the future. The same thing with successes. Once you hit your original goal, readjust the result. Re-establish your goal, re-established your road map, and re-establish how you are going to get there. Then go crush it again!

Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs

Most people think they can only go so far in life. And when I start to question how far they have tried to go, no one has ever told me they went to far. Most people tell me they have never tried to push their limits. Most people don’t know their limits. I am not talking about jumping off of a cliff to see if you are indestructible. I am talking about your personal limiting belief system. Your will to push yourself until you truly can’t push yourself anymore. I am talking about hitting your goal, then going farther. People think they can only lose 20 lbs. They can only make so much money. They are only so good at something. I am here to tell you if you think that way, then you are. You are exactly who you think you are.

I am going to say that again because it is kind of a big deal: YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE.

Energizer BunnyIf you think you are just a C student, you are. If you think you can only lose 20 lbs, you can. If you think you can only make X amount of dollars, you will. If you think you can only run a 5k, you will. When you wrap your head around this concept, it is HUGE! Your mind is what controls how far you push yourself. Your mind is the limiting factor to most of your success, or lack of. If you doubt yourself on not only hitting your goals, but exceeding your goals, you will never know how far you could go. Don’t limit yourself to your end goal. Once you reach your end goal, odds are you probably have pushed yourself farther than you originally expected. That is outstanding. Now go further. Keep going and going and going. If you hit a plateau, don’t tell yourself that is the end, tell yourself that is a hill. You need to find a new way around the hill, and keep getting the results. Always strive to keep finding ways to hit your goal. I am telling you that if you do this, there is no way you will not hit your goal (given your goal is not outrageous).

So when you accomplish your goals, stop only long enough to congratulate yourself on a job well done, then re-assess where you are at, where you are going, and how you are going to get there and keep pushing forward.

I have only one more posting in this series which will finish us up just before the new year. I hope you have been enjoying this. I know I had a great time writing this. I hope you found it useful and can truly hit, and exceed all of your goals in 2011.

To your health,