This is the 3rd part in a 6 part series on how to set, succeed, and exceed your goals for the new year. We previously discussed how to find what you want to do, and how to find the stepping stones for your goals. Now we get to the nitty gritty of the series: How are you going to do it?

If you think that just making a goal and figuring out the milestones will get you to accomplish what you want, you are sorely mistaken. I am not one of those “think yourself thin” guys. I am a get-your-ass-of-the-couch guy. So if you liked the first 2 postings and you think that this next post is going to be all happy go lucky, pat yourself on the back, you can do it Forest type stuff, you are in for a surprise.  How do you get what you want? By going out and getting what you want. No one got anything by being lazy except a bad case of obesity.

I may not tell you something you haven’t already heard. Maybe I will, who knows. But what I am hoping to do is to tell you in a way that you put all the pieces of the puzzle together and start getting the things accomplished in your life that you have always wanted to do. So without further ranting, here are a few things you NEED to do in order to get from point A to Point B on your road map.

Plan Your Work

If I explained how to make your plan for each and every goal that each and every reader had, I would probably start setting records in length of posts, and boredom. But if you need individual help, drop me an email and I will do what I can. With that said, one of the biggest things you can do is make a list of things that you need to do in order to get your goal accomplish. Workout more, eat less, eat healthier, hit the gym, save $100 more, enroll in school, sign up for job announcements, whatever it is, make your list of things you know you need to do in order to accomplish this goal. For the most part, you know what these are. These are the little things you are going to do in your day to day life to hit your goal.

Work Your Plan

Now that you have a list of things to do, do it. What is the best way to get something done? By doing it. Simple, right? Taking massive action is the ONLY way you will get stuff done. And your goals for the new year is no different. If your goal is to be more active, watching the Biggest Loser is NOT going to allow you to do that. You physically need to get up, and go for a walk. You need to take action. If you have a financial goal, sitting in your recliner dreaming of that 5k in your bank account isn’t going to put 5k in your bank account. You need to work, make money, and save it. If you read any self help books (I read a lot of them) you know that this is one of the main things the books always break: TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. You know your goals, you know your milestones, and you know what you have to do to get there. Now go get there.

Just Do It

Seriously. I cannot stress this enough. Want to know the #1 reason on why people can’t lose the weight or can’t save the money or can’t land that job? They don’t do it! It is simply easier to make an excuse on why you WILL NOT do something rather than mustering up the courage to get off you ass and just do. NIKE has probably one of the best slogans ever in my opinion with their JUST DO IT slogan. If you really want to accomplish the goals you set out to do, adopt the NIKE way of thinking and JUST DO IT. When you had a long day at work (everyone does) and you get home and eat dinner with the family, then plop down on the couch, you will probably think that you should work out. Get up and go workout. Don’t tell yourself you are too tired and you will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow won’t bring anything different. If you want a change, get up and just do it already. This is the best way to get changes to stick. Don’t wait around for some fairy to magically come through and *POOF* you are in the best health of your life. It won’t happen. Get up, and work.

Stay Focused

Keep your mind on your goal. You made a specific goal for a reason. Keep your goal in your mind. If you want it bad enough, staying focused on your goal will get you to where you want to go. Remind yourself everyday of your goal. Put your weight loss goal on a piece of paper and tape it to the fridge, so everyday when you get home and you just need that little snack before dinner, you will see your goal and keep your mind focused on where you need to go. Tape your financial goal to your credit card, so when you are tempted to just slide that plastic, you will be reminded of what you want in life.  Make sure your goal for 2011 is something that you honestly want to make a lasting change for. If you kind of want to do it, chances are very good you won’t care enough to finish it. Pick something that you have always wanted to do. Something that you want to accomplish so bad, you can stay focused on it day and night until you succeed. That thing that once you succeed, you continue on the path and completely BLOW AWAY your original expectations. Always set reminders to yourself on why you are doing what you are doing.


Life is hard. I get that. I know you work 40 hours + , you have a family, you have a social life, and whatever else that you do. I understand. I am not saying give up everything you have already in order to make your change. I am saying that’s life. You need to deal with it. Giving up is NOT dealing with it. Finding a way to fit your change in your life is what I want you do it. That is how you deal with it. If you don’t hit your weight loss goal one week, should you give up? NO. There is never a reason to quit or give up on ANYTHING for ANY REASON. There just isn’t. Just because you are not getting the results that you doesn’t warrant any reason to give up. Change what you are doing. Change how you go about it to get a different result. But don’t QUIT! Quitting and giving up is probably one of the main reasons you are in the position you are in now. Always push forward. Always. There should be no other option in your brain. Giving up and quitting should never EVER be an option regardless of what you are doing. Get out of that mindset and you will break barriers you only once thought were possible. You are stronger, both body and mind, that you realize. Don’t sell yourself short and give up.

Take away message: Just do it. Keep doing it. Never quit. This will get you results. It isn’t glamorous. It isn’t easy. It probably isn’t fun. But it works. So you can keep doing what is fun, easy and glamorous, or you can get down and dirty and get results. It is ultimately your choice.

As always, if you need help with this lesson, contact me and I will do what I can to help. There is never any charges to talk. : )

To your health