I was having a conversation with an extended family member and the individual informed me that they 2 aspirins every single morning for the past few YEARS because she always wakes up sore with killer headaches. I am sure you know someone similar, maybe even you. You have an ache or pain and you reach for a over the counter pain med. Maybe you are similar to this individual and you have chronic pain (low back pain, maybe) and are continually popping pills.

One reason I went into Kinesiology is to study the body, howotc pain meds the body moves, how to move most efficiently, and most importantly, how the body is connect and how those connections effect each other. It is a science. Study the body is down to a science. Science doesn’t like (if tested and proved correctly). Your body doesn’t lie either.

I always laugh when people tell me they are healthy. They workout. They eat right. They are doing the right things. Or so they say. One simple blood draw will tell me everything I need to know about your body. You may “look” healthy. But a simple blood draw and assessments will tell me everything I need to know about the status of your health. But I am not here to talk about those “apparently healthy” individuals.

Your body is smart (and amazing). If it doesn’t like something, it will let you know. Pain is a response that something isn’t right. If  you touch a hot pan, it hurts. Your brain tells you don’t do that because it hurts and will hurt you. So you stop.

Why are you ignoring a headache, or back ache, or any other everyday pains? It all is a message. I get extremely bad tension headaches due to the fact that most of my adult life has been hunched over a damn computer screen (but you wouldn’t have these amazing posts if I didn’t go through that pain). A simple posture adjustment and shoulder/neck run my headache is gone.

Chronic low back pain? Check your gut. If you are carrying a few extra points, you are putting more of a stress on your low back. Not over weight? How is your posture? How do you lift up heavy objects? How do you sleep? It is very rare to have just some random low back pain. Something is causing the pain. Instead of just dealing with it through pain meds, which mask the pain, go find the route cause of the issue.

Headache every morning when you wake up? Are you hydrated? How are you sleeping? Are you hungry? Is your back misaligned while you sleep? Will stretching in the morning help vs. masking with a pill?

I am not saying finding the route cause is an easy task. It may actually be very difficult. But is taking meds the best way to deal with it? Wouldn’t you rather try to find the causes and eliminate the pain all together? Go see your doctor. Go see a chiropractor. Go see a yoga instructor. Go find the solution. There just isn’t any excuse for living in pain, much less being addicted to OTC meds to mask the pain.