It is human nature to try to find the easy way to do something. It really is. Humans are lazy creatures by default. It is simply easier to do nothing than to do something. But people know they should do something. Many times in order to do this something, people attempt to find something easy to do.

Nothing Beats Hard WorkCase in point: Skechers released a shoe in 2009 (I believe) called The Shape Up. This shoe had a revolutionary (ugly) design and swore to have complete health benefits from everything to stronger muscles, to a more tone backside. You could work out without ever stepping foot in a gym again!! Heck – even Joe Montana and Kim Kardashian wear them! And wouldn’t you know, good old human nature kicked in and people though “I can walk less and burn more calories? And it is backed up by science? I’m in!”. And they went off the shelves like hot cakes. And of course, being in the health and fitness world, the subjects would always come up if the really work. My answer was always the same – ” If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

In May of 2012, Skechers was fined by the FTC in the amount of 40 million dollars for false advertising for their Shape up brand. This 40 million includes the right for ALL shape up owners who ever bought a pair to return the shoes for a refund (check the FTC site for information on that). Apparently, their information was false and their studies were a fraud. AND – the main doctor that was an advocate apparently was not only paid to promote the show, but was married to one of the marketing execs (no facts on that, just read from an article).

Look – when it comes down to it, there is no magic pill, or shoe in this case, that will get you your results. I am sure there will be those users that come out of the woodwork saying that the shape up helped them to lose weight, but what lifestyle changes came along with that? There is no way in hell you can put a shoe on and magically get healthy. Nothing beats hard work. If you want to get healthy, over come your natural tenancy to be lazy (yes – that is possible) and started working. Go for a walk. Start eating better. But some time in the gym. Start dedicating your life to health and guess what – you will get healthy. No special shoes required.

There is no quick fix. Work hard. And beware of ads. If it sounds good to be true – good chance that it probably is too good to be true. Stay away.

To your health –