I saw a sight today and it pushed me over the edge. First, I recently heard of a story of a man with cerebral palsy climbing El Capitan mountain in Yosemite. You can read the full story here: http://abcnews.go.com/WN/stephen-wampler-cerebral-palsy-climbs-el-capitan-raise/story?id=11681750 (watch the videos attached to it as well). It will make sense toward the end of the posting. Needless to say, this story is awe inspiring.

There are times I am guilty of not wanting to get out of bed and end up dragging myself out of bed. Instead, we should jump out of bed and thank whatever higher power we pray to that we have full use of our body. There are people who don’t, and I’ll be damned if you tell them they can’t do something. Which is the basic idea of this post. I will tie the story from above together with the post a little later.

Fat Is NOT A Disability

fat_man_on_scooterNow to the incident I saw today that made me sick. I went to the local supermarket today. I always park in the farthest spot possible, just cause that is how I roll. As I was walking toward the store, I saw a couple park into a handicap spot. They put their handicap placard on their mirror and stepped out of the car. They both were obese. They walked in the store, proceeded to sit on the electric cart and putt around the store. With my interest intrigued, I observed them throughout the store. They purchased nothing but crap (tv dinners, ho hos, coca cola, and many others). They checked out, asked the bagger for help out to their car. The highschooler obliged and put their groceries in the back of their car. The climbed in, took their handicap placard off of their car and drove off. I was disgusted. I have written before about how fat is not a disability and I firmly am against people using their weight to gain privileges only granted to those who cannot physical perform the same actions as those “able bodied” people. It is an opinion that I don’t think I will ever break. People who are obese that file for a handicap pass should be given a card that forces them to park in far enough from the store where they have to walk. The “handicap” they have is no real. But here is the kicker for me: If you talk to people who actually have a disability, most HATE using their handicap as an excuse to park closer or take another route. Yes – some do because they NEED to. But they still hate it. Yet an obese person has NO PROBLEM taking advantage of these benefits. Obesity can be reversed. Type 2 diabetes can be reverse. That knee pain or swollen joints that you have because of your weight, can be reverse. There are people who have true physical disabilities that wish they could “reverse” their situation. It truly is sickening to me when I think about someone who is obese comparing themselves to someone who is a paraplegic. An obese person can choose at any time in their life to take action and reverse their “handicap”. A paraplegic can’t. Sorry – you can’t compare the two and it makes me disgusted when people try.  I could write pages on my opinion on this subject, but this post (despite this rant) isn’t about this subject. It’s about not giving up.


Never_Give_UpTo me, obese people that take advantage of handicap privileges because of their size have given up. They have convinced themselves there is nothing they can do. They are too far gone. It is easier to do nothing than change. So they give up, and get the placard to park closer. They simply convince themselves they will never be able to achieve what they want. I dare you to tell Stephen Wampler from the above news story that he won’t ever achieve what he wants. Or tell a double amputee that they will never be able to run a sub 22 second 200 meter dash. You will never hear it. Why? They don’t believe in giving up. They don’t give up. Someone tells them they can’t do something and it pushes them harder to accomplish it. Giving up isn’t an option.

I really want you to get the point of this rant. I feel it is important, and can be lost by my opinion above. The point is never give up. The point is to be more like Mr. Wampler. He lives everyday with his disability. He has to live every single day with cerebral palsy. Yet he climbed El Capitan. No “I can’t do that”. No “that is too hard”. Giving up isn’t an option. We ALL should learn from this. No matter your situation. When you feel like you want to give up and throw in the towel, I want you to think of Mr. Wampler – literally pulling himself inch by inch to achieve what he set out to do. No matter what you do – in life, or business, NEVER EVER GIVE UP. There isn’t any excuses.Don’t let anything, or anything stop you.

To Your Health, and achieving whatever you want to do without ever giving up.