Honesty is a funny thing. Everyone swears they are honest individuals, but I have met very few people that are truly honest.

Now, when I saw honest, I am not talking about telling the truth. Although that is a big part of it, that isn’t what I am getting at. Being honest is not making excuses. It is finding a reason why you can make something happen, vs why not. It is living your life with no regrets, no excuses, and no limitations.

My definition on honesty maybe a little skewed compared to more people, but as I said before, honesty will get you results. Yes, external dialogue is important in being honest. But your internal dialogue is more important. The conversations you have with only you. The excuses only you hear. The reasons why you can’t do something. The blockers and issues only you have in your head. The mental conversations that only you are privy to. Being honest in those conversations are what truly will get you results.

Let me give you an example that I have been personally going through. In all honestly, I have been having some major mental blockers that have been swirling me around into a whirlwind. I am just about to finish up my graduate program for health promotions and exercise science. It has always been my dream to run an internet based fitness company. I know an internet based fitness company is difficult due to many factors, but I believe it can be very successful in getting people results. Over the past 6 months, I have been making tracks to start up this business after I graduate. I have purchased a few domains, consulted with business owners who have gone down the same track, and even researched the best business entity to open. I have even went so far as to exclaim twice here on this blog that I was shutting it down to pursue other avenues. While sitting doing yet even more planning, I had a glimmer of inspiration and all the work in the past 6 months went right out the door. I realized I wasn’t planning a business, I was running from starting a business. I was scared. Why do I want to run my own business? It is too risky. But – if I plan and plan and plan to start a business, I will get the satisfaction of trying to start a business without really trying. After all, I can spend hours picking the perfect business name, finding the perfect domain, finding the perfect business model, and slowly putting everything into perfect motion. I realized at the rate I was going, I was never going to start a business.

The honesty of knowing wasn’t doing anything, when I tried to make it seem like I was doing everything, is the honesty that I am talking about to get results. It is easy to hide behind things out of fear. But if you can honestly face those fears, get to the bottom of the issues in your head that only you can get to the bottom of, you will be free to do whatever you want.

So what route am I taking? I am still going to run my own business, but I am not going to reinvent the wheel. Ninteman Fitness was where it all started and ninteman fitness isn’t going anywhere. So be prepared for more posts!!

Take Away: Be honest with yourself. When it comes down to it, the internal conversations you have with yourself are the keys to knowing how to get yourself motivated and get whatever you need accomplished done.

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