I took a hard dose of my own advice this evening.

Anyone that reads this regularly knows that I am a very keep it basic/keep it real for results type of guy. There isn’t magic potions on this site, no 5 minute fixes. Just basic ways to make lasting changes in your life. I attempted to think outside this box today.

TRXI got home rather late this evening after taking a certification exam. I quickly downed a tuna sandwich and a protein shake and then thought of what I wanted to do to get a workout in. I quickly grabbed my trx straps and headed toward the nearest door to get a great workout in. But before I did that, I did a quick search on youtube to find what TRX workout I want to do next. I quickly came across some idiot showing his views his “hardCORE workout on his TRX”. It was basically a video to show off this “trainer’s” abs. He was doing things that someone who is just getting start should never even be trying to think of doing on the TRX. Yes, he had a great workout, but unless he is preaching to athletes and hardcore workout fiends, his workout was not doable for most people. Plus, there is only so much you can take of one guy zooming in on his own 6 pack. : /.

Keep It Simple, (insert next S word)

I realized then I need to take a big dose of my own medicine. It isn’t about the craziness of the workout. It is just about the activity. You shouldn’t need to do one arm oblique pikes on your TRX in order to get a good workout. Work big muscles a few times a week and you will get more than enough exercise than the normal person. So I decided to drop my “hardCORE” workout and do a typical workout on my TRX:

  • 3×15 bicep curls
  • 3×15 tri extensions
  • 3×15 shoulder press
  • 3×15 back pulls
  • 3×15 chest press
  • 3×15 BW squats
  • 3×15 Sprinter Starts
  • 3×15 reverse curl
  • 3×30 seconds planks

It wasn’t short. It wasn’t easy. But it was effective. So the next time you are looking for a great workout, remember to keep it simple. Work big muscles for big results.

To Your Health,


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