Everyone wants results in what they are doing. Whether in business, health, money, whatever it is, people want to see the fruits of their labor come to bloom. But some people don’t know the difference between actual results, and those results that are just an illusion of an actual result. The main difference is the action. People that see the illusions use all their resources, but don’t take action. Actual results come from taking action.

How people go about weight loss is a great example of illusion of results vs. actual results. Reading the latest diet book is an illusion of a result. There are many people that read all the latest fitness books and RSS feeds, and never lose a pound. It is that illusion of results that they are after. “If I read this book, then I will lose the weight”. The only way you will get actual results is to get up and move. Take action for results.

Another example is the Getting Things Done formula. David Allen create a pretty cool work flow to get people organized. Many people have tried to duplicate it as well. There are people that need to get organized, so they go buy his book. Illusion of a result: The book will not get your organized. You need to put his plan into action to get an actual result.

Taking action is the true only way to get actual results. Setting up the process, reading about the process, and educating yourself about the process is all good, don’t get me wrong. Those steps are needed in order to ensure you do whatever you are doing in the right manner. However many people stop after those steps. Illusion of the results: “I set up everything, my results should come now”. WRONG. You need to go get your results. Put the process into action. Put the plan into action. Put the education into action.

Also be aware that you will not always get the desired result. Adjust your process so you can get the outcome you want. Remember: There are no failures, just outcomes. If you don’t get the desired outcome, adjust.

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