***I have been wanting to write this post for awhile, but have been fearful of pissing people off or losing readers. However, I realized that I need to make sure people know my opinions as my coaching, training, and philosophies all revolve around my opinion and my thinking. It is your choice to read this blog. If you don’t like what I am saying, leave. I am done playing “try to please everybody”. This is me. This is what I do. Enjoy. : )

I recently took a trip out to Colorado to visit friends and I had some very big “aha” moments while I was traveling regarding business, personal issues and life in general. But today I want to discuss something I observed while on my mini vacation. I saw a glimpse of who I never want to be. I saw middle aged, overweight men sitting in an airport, checking their facebook account as they waited for their flight to fly home. I saw people who decided it was just easier to accept the social norms and live a “regular” life, like everyone else. People who go to school, get a corporate job, get married, have kids, and live the life they think they are doomed to live. Next thing they realize, they are middle aged, overweight, sitting in an airport on facebook scarfing down airport food as the travel home after being away for a few days. It doesn’t have to be that way. I don’t think people truly realize that you can have whatever you want out of life.

I know the above example isn’t the case for everyone. That was just simply my observation. There are those people in life that live everyday to the fullest. They love their job. They love their family. They enjoy every single day, regardless of what the day brings. They have everything they have ever wanted in life. What I want to know is that you?

Think about that hard for a moment: Where you are at in your life right at this moment, can you honestly say that you have everything you have ever wanted, in every single aspect of your life? I know very few people who can answer that question with an astounding “YES”, and those people that I know who can are my heroes and mentors. I know I can’t say that, but I am currently taking steps every day to create the lifestyle where I can honestly look at my life and say “This is amazing. This is exactly what I wanted”.

How To Create The Perfect Life

Now again, I want you to really think about this, because it is kind of a big deal: Do you have the perfect life? Not perfect in other people’s eyes. Perfect in your eyes. Everyone has different goals and different dreams. A perfect life is living the dream you want for yourself. Maybe it is 2 kids, living quietly in a nice home, with a steady job. Maybe it is 7 kids on 90 acres of land in the middle of no where. Maybe it is no kids on mansion by the ocean. Maybe it is making 25k a year and loving your job. Maybe it is making 150k a year and hating your job. Maybe it is making 75k a year and being your own boss. Maybe it is owning a Porsche. Maybe it is owning a 72 VW van. Maybe it is being able to run a sub 3:30 marathon. Maybe it is being able to deadlift a car. Maybe it is being able to walk from your car to your house without having a heart attack. Maybe it is having all the friends in the world. Maybe it is having that one true love you feel an instant connection with.

POINT IS: Regardless of what your dreams are, have you achieved them? Don’t BS me and tell me yes when in the back of your mind you are telling yourself “Gee, everything is great, except this one little thing I wish I could change”. When I say the perfect life, I am actually talking about every single aspect of your life. Are you truly happy with where you are at? I have a hunch that more people are going to say no than yes. If you say yes and can honestly mean it, you truly have a blessed life.

If you say no, guess what: You can get whatever you want. You can have anything you wish. You can have the lifestyle that you dream about. But you have to dream. You have to imagine. Then you have to go get it. When I wrote my goal setting series (which is going to be taken offline soon and packaged as an eBook so go read it now), I wanted to drive home a big point and that was in order to achieve your goals, you had to know what your goal is, make a plan to get there, then go achieve  it. It isn’t easy, but it is totally possible.

Living all your dreams is the same process. You have to figure out what you want. You have to devise a plan to get there, and you have to put that plan into actions steps and then (here comes the key): YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION.

Where people fall short is in 2 places in my eyes: figuring out what they want, and the action part. Humans are lazy by nature. It is just easier to do nothing that to do something. That is where people fall into this “I guess I am ok where I am at”. You should never just settle for what you have, unless it is honestly where you want to be. If you want something, go out and get it.

I know there are many skeptics about this theory of getting whatever you want. There are people who honestly think it isn’t possible and you should go get your corporate job and work for 40 years, take your pension and retire. And honest to heck, if that makes you happy, I mean truly happy, by all means go forth and be happy. However, most people I talk to hate their job. They hate the shape they are in. They hate the situation they are in. They hate their relationship. They hate the car they drive. They hate the profession they are in. They pretty much could find something to hate if given the opportunity. To them I say this: YOU are responsible for your life. If YOU don’t like the life YOU created for yourself, YOU need to make the decisions that YOU are going to change it. It is no one’s fault for the situation except yours. You cannot argue that fact. YOU control your life. You aren’t a puppet. So if you can think of anything at all that you aren’t fully satisfied with in anyway of your life, change it. Don’t sit there and bitch and moan that it isn’t possible or whatever other issue you may have lingering in your head. Quit the excuses and just go do it.

“But I don’t have the money”. Your fault.

“But I don’t have the time”. Your fault.

“But I don’t have the resources”. Your fault.

“But I am not in good enough shape”. Your fault.

See my pattern here? Whatever your excuse is for not liking where you are at in life all comes back to you. But that great thing about that is since it comes back to you, guess who can change it? YOU. Don’t have the money? Make more money. Don’t have the time? Create more time in your life. Don’t have the resources? Go find the resources. Don’t have the health? Go get in shape.

I am not saying this is magic. I am not (by any means) saying that you can think really hard and you will be thin, or rich, or anything else. What I am saying is that whatever you want, WHATEVER YOU WANT, you can have if you simple figure out what you want, create a plan to go get what you want, then actually go get what you want.

If you have ever read The Secret, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn or any other self help book on how to get whatever you want, this is the underlying basis for ALL OF THOSE BOOKS. They all have their own little twists and turns and other information they throw in there, but when you sit back and think about it, it is all the same and it makes sense!

Figure out what you want. Make a plan to get what you want. Go get what you want by taking massive action.

Easy as pie. No more settling.

To your health,