I preach results here. Reading how to workout is great, but actually doing the workout gets results. Knowing what to eat is great. Actually eating clean gets results.

Want another way to get results? Be Honest.

Don’t lie to yourself. If you didn’t eat good, don’t try to tell yourself otherwise. Just eat better. If you didn’t workout because you were too lazy, don’t try to make excuses up in your head like you will work double hard tomorrow, or you couldn’t because you are too tired, be honest with yourself that you just couldn’t get yourself to the gym, then get yourself to the gym.

Being honest with yourself allows you to know what you are doing. If you lie to yourself and try to make up excuses, you can literally trick your mind into believing it and guess what – no results. But if you are honest with yourself about your workout and eating habits, and truly tell yourself why you are not working out, or why you cheated with the chocolate cake, you will start to notice the trends and patterns that lead to those habits and you will be able to kick them quicker which leads to results.

Honesty = results. Get honest – get results.