Health and WellnessThe term “Health and Wellness” is starting come into main stream as of late. Most people just relate it to their health and “wellness”. But do you really know the meaning behind “health and wellness”? It goes deeper than you would think.

I recently posed the question “What is the definition of health and wellness to you” on facebook and twitter. People came up with some great responses:

Here is my definition of health and wellness: Getting the whole pie.

Health and wellness has 5 categories mixed into one.

  • Mental health-the ability to learn and develop intellectual capabilities
  • Spiritual health-The belief in a unifying force-Godlike for some, nature for others, even science.
  • Social health-The ability to interact and develop interpersonal relationships.
  • Physical health-To supply the body with the nutrients and activity to ward off illness and disease, supply energy and maintain bodily function for maintenance and growth.

Health and wellness is making sure you have a full balance of every aspect of your health. Here is a breakdown on how you can work out each area of health and wellness:

  • Mental health-Read, write, do puzzles.
  • Spiritual health-This is important, even if you are not religious. But you have to believe in something, even if it is the religion of YOU! Take a few minutes every day, religious or not, to meditate. It clears your mind and allows you to “talk” to a higher power.
  • Social health-GO OUT! If you have a significant other, go for a walk, go to a park. Go do something. Have a great circle of friends, go for a night out on the town, or stay in and play a game. Interaction is a key part to the health.
  • Physical health-this is the easiest one! Work out. Go for a run/walk. GET EXERCISE!

For more information on ANY of these aspects, please feel free to email us at fitcoachzach(at) We will send you more information so you can stay healthy in all the areas of wellness.