obesityI have always been into fitness. Even through high school, I was interested in sports performance and making myself the best that I can be. When I first got into kinesiology, I wanted to do what most people want to do and go into sports performance. And that still is a huge passion of mine and still help athletes hit their potential. But throughout college, I realized that there is a bigger problem than getting athletes bigger, stronger and faster. That issue is obesity. If an athlete doesn’t hit his numbers, they will still be able to live. If someone who is obese doesn’t get help, they will die.

Yes – it is that serious. I don’t think people understand the gravity of the situation when they are overweight. There is NOTHING good that comes out of carrying a few extra pounds. Your joints can’t handle the stress. Your heart can’t handle the stress. Your blood vessels can’t handle the stress. Your blood pressure increase. Your heart rate increases. Your blood flow decreases due to narrowing of the arteries, which could form blood clots leading to a stroke. You could develop Type 2 diabetes. Your sleeping patterns aren’t up to par so you aren’t sleeping through the night which effects your mood and your energy levels. Your energy levels are so low, you could develop sleepiness during the day which effects your work habits.

But here is the light at the end of the tunnel: Your start reaping the benefits of exercise the SECOND you start exercising. Your heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output all start to increase, creating more blood flow through your body. Your blood starts flowing through your body. Your blood delivery becomes more efficient, your heart rate and blood pressure go to moderate levels after  you finish. Your perception of well being and self concept increase and anxiety and depression decrease.

And you don’t have to get out and run 6 miles to feel these effects! Your body starts adapting and benefiting from ANY physical activity. If you start walking around the block, you benefit. If you park farther away from the mall, you benefit. If you take the stairs rather than the elevator, you benefit. Start BENEFITING!! There is no better time than right now to get in the best shape of your life, and possible start saving your life.