I have written on this topic before, but feel that it is a critically important topic to discuss and therefore, am bringing it up again.

Are you noticing that you are breathing? My guess is probably not. Breathing is something not many people pay attention to, but it is the reason you are alive! Breathing comes automatic. We don’t think about it at all, unless we stop doing it. Breathing is such a unique tool that our body can adapt and change our breathing patterns depending on what we are doing. When you are tired and need to sleep, your body automatically slows down your breathing. If you are working hard and your body needs more oxygen, your breathing is increase. It is truly one of the coolest things about the body!

But besides for keeping your alive, breathing can be a stress reliever, a weight loss tool, and can rid your body of nasty toxins. But you have to breathe to do it.

Try this basic exercise a few times a day. Take 10 slow, deep breathes. Breathe in and out of your nose. Feel the cool, oxygen rich air entering into your system, and the hot, nasty CO2 air leaving as you exhale. Breathe in and feel the healing power of oxygen, breathe out and feel the purification of you system. Do this ten times with slow control breath. Really concentrate on your breathing as you do these 10 breaths and do it a few times a day. You will be surprised how relaxing you feel after as well as how good you feel going forward.

If you want a great experience in breathing, I highly recommend a yoga class. Yoga integrates breathing with movement for not only a great breathing experience, but a great workout as well.

To your health,