I saw yet another fact today on how America has a fast growing obesity trend. I don’t understand how this number is getting so out of control. Ever since grade school, everyone has had the same information drilled into their head: DIET AND EXERCISE. So why isn’t this working for America?

People think they need more that diet and exercise. People think they need the magic pill (I have yet to see one!). People think they need special diets. People think they need personal trainers. You don’t need anything except diet and exercise. Both works. I am living proof, and I have seen this work several times with people that I talk to that are not clients.

diet and exercise

You have to make your diet stick. You can’t “go on a diet” for a week and expect to see results. You may results short term, but you need to make life long changes if you truly want to be successful. A diet is nothing more that WHAT you eat. A horse diet is hay. A lions diet is a gazelle. So for you to “go on a diet” you are basically setting yourself up for failure. Instead of trying out a new diet, change your diet. Create your diet. Put fresh, healthy foods into your body.

Then I get the question: Well, what is a healthy food? Again, you have been taught the food pyramid since grade school. You know healthy foods. You know fruits and veggies. You know limit carbs and fats. You know a salad is better than a pizza. You know that the fewer the calories you eat the better. Weightloss is not rocket science.

Now for the exercise part. Exercise does not need to be in a gym. Yes, a gym is a great place to have access to equipment, professionals and a load of other perks, but not everyone can go. And most of the time, if you don’t “GO” to the gym, you don’t work out. So in that sense, a gym may not be the best place for you.

Going for a nightly walk is a great way to get exercise. Parking far from the mall. Taking the stairs. Doing pushups every morning. Stretching while you watch TV. Doing jumping jacks during commercials. Doing lunges while you vacumn. Doing bicep curls with your grandkids. There are literally hunderds of things that you can do to get a workout outside of a gym setting.

The key to getting good exercise to make a life long change is consistency. Too many people start off strong, then don’t work out for a week. You need to make exercise part of your everyday routine. Walk the same time everyday. Go to the gym the same time everyday. Make it part of your life and get it consistent.

Diet and exercise has been instilled in us since grade school. Why we still have growing obesity trends is beyond me. If you want life long results, stick to the basic: Diet and Exercise. It’s easy. It’s simple. It works.

One thought on “Diet and Exercise: It Works

  1. Rowell says:

    I’ve been telling myself the same thing. Move more eat less and eat healthy. The thing thats hard for me is actually eating the healthy foods because we all know that pizza is absolutely delicious 😉

    Lately I’ve been learning about cooking and my goal is to cook myself healthy and tasty foods. Hopefully that will solve my problems!

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