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Attitudes and Behaviors

I just read a great blog post from Alwyn Cosgrove, who owns Results Fitness. It was about a homeless man who was given $100,000 dollars, which is a large sum for someone who is living under a bridge. Within 6 months, he had $5000 left and within 9 months he was back living under a […]

TRX Suspension Trainer

I have talked before on how you don’t really need a personal trainer and sometimes it easier not to have a gym membership. To say the least, I am a big advocate for getting in shape on your own. There are so many tools out there that allow you to get in great shape. I […]

Illusion of Results vs. Actual Results

Everyone wants results in what they are doing. Whether in business, health, money, whatever it is, people want to see the fruits of their labor come to bloom. But some people don’t know the difference between actual results, and those results that are just an illusion of an actual result. The main difference is the […]

Work Out Big Muscles For Big Results


“Sorry man, I can’t hit happy hour with you. It’s Thursday which means I need to work my supraspinatus at the gym tonight.” I am a firm believer that results can be very simple to achieve and the biggest thing that does not produce results is the lack of action. There are many trainers out […]