Yes – this post is about cars. Your car in particular. I am curious how you take care of your car.

Cars are a critical part of society. They get people from point A to point B. And that is important quest to do. Most people usually spend quite a bit on cars. With such a hefty price tag, most people do quite a bit to take care of their cars.

You probably put the right kind of fuel in your car. After all, if you put water into a gas tank, your car won’t run. The right type of fuel is critical!

And you probably keep your car tidy. You don’t want dents, or scratches. You give it regular baths to keep it looking clean. You even protect the interior by tinting the windows and using some type of cleaner that protects the inside.

But the most important thing you do for your car is preventative maintenance. Regular oil changes, draining and flushing fluids, checking tire pressure, changing tires on a regular basis, and other aspects to keep your car running in tip top shape. Some of you save money and do this yourself. Others go to their mechanic on a regular basis to ensure everything is running smoothly.

The better you take care of your car, the more efficient it will run and the longer you can enjoy your car. Sadly, no matter how good you take care of your car, some day your trusted steed will no longer run and you must part ways. But shortly after, you have a brand new set of wheels and will be going through the same process of taking care of your car. You will probably have a few cars throughout your lifetime, simply because a car doesn’t last for ever. But it is fairly easy now a days just to get a new one.

Of course you really didn’t think this entire post was actually about cars, did you?

Think about your life and compare your life to the car. Think about what fuel you are putting into your body. Are you using the correct fuel to keep it running smooth? Think about how often you get check ups on your system and do preventative maintenance. How long before your oil becomes to thick to run through your system and it just stops. The right care and you will be able to run efficiently and for a long time. And here is the bigger kicker on why you need to have the right care: If you break down, no one can just go get another you. You only have one shot, unlike the car.

Are you doing everything you can in order to get the most out of your health for a long life? You may think you are, but my guess is there are probably a few areas that you aren’t. You probably are overweight. You probably don’t eat very good. You probably don’t get enough physical active. You probably hate where you work. You probably are stress out beyond belief most of the time. You probably want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. You probably have tried to make a change, but didn’t know where to go after you started.

I am hear to tell you that you CAN make those long lasting changes you need. Think about the car: Take the needed steps for preventative maintenance and the “car” will run for a long, healthy life. Even if you are starting with a dented car that leaks oil and over heats easily, you can turn that junker into the performance machine that you know it is capable of. It just takes work and dedication.

To Your Health,