no-new-year-resolutionsYes – I said it.

You should not make any new years resolutions. If you have a list of things that you are planning on keeping or change in the new year, don’t do it.

Why am I telling you this? Isn’t the new year a great way to start fresh? Yes. It is a great way to start fresh. But what happens every single year? You set these resolutions on 90% of the time, they last for one month, and you are making the same resolution at the end of the year! It is a vicious cycle that needs to stop.

So instead of making new years resolutions, make “right now” resolutions. There is no better time to decide what you want, take massive action to accomplish it than right now. Don’t wait until the end of the year. You are only setting yourself up to not follow through. You are changing something and making a resolution mainly cause everyone else is. If you decided to change right now, or get something accomplished right now, you are truly doing it for yourself and the changes and accomplishments will stick more.

So make a commitment to yourself and make a right now resolution and start changing!

One thought on “Cancel Your New Years Resolution

  1. Dustin Sanchez says:

    This is a great point. Tony Robbins said that the word “decide” means to cut off from any other possibility. Think of the word “incision” making an inward cut, and now break up the word “decision” de as in out and cision as in cut. to cut out any other possibility. People often times make a resolution but fail to actually de-cide.

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