I want every one to do an exercise with me right now. Stand up, and count to 20.

I am serious. I have a point to prove. Stand up and count to 20.

Did you successfully count to 20? Good. You don’t need a personal trainer.

I went to my local big box gym to get a game of racquetball in. While warming up, I watched a trainer with one of the members at the gym. The trainer had the client face a pillar in the gym and told her client to do side leg raises while holding onto the pillar. The trainer then proceed to count to 20 while the client did the side leg raises. Not a big deal, right? Except the client wasn’t getting any feedback. None. Zilch. Nada nada limonada.

The trainer seriously just counted to 20. That was it. Even in between sets, the trainer did NOT talk to the client. He shot the shit with another trainer who must have been on break or something because we was doing nothing as well. Without saying a word, the trainer start to count to 20 through another set. No form correction. No great job. No are you feeling this yet. Just counting. After her second set, they walked off, still not saying anything. Not a how did that feel, how are you feeling, nothing.

Where is the rapport? Where is the “personal” in the personal trainer? Maybe I am out of line here, but I think your personal trainer should be an extension of you. They should know you like they know their friends. You aren’t just a paycheck you know. You are a human. You are paying to get trained, you should get trained. A trainer should correct your form, push you to your limits, motivate you, give you feedback and get you to be your best.

If you aren’t getting that personal appeal in your personal trainer, fire them. They are giving you a service for your money, they should be giving you the best service. They should be demanding everything out of you and you should be demanding everything out of them.

I understand that there are great personal trainers out there. But sadly, you need to get out of the big box setting to do it. You need to find a private gym with private personal trainers. They will give a crap about you. They will get you results. I personally don’t think you will find the trainer that will get results for you in a big box gym.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Count To 20??

  1. Dustin Sanchez says:

    dang it….i can’t stop reading this blog. Can u count to 20? don’t even get me started on personal trainers, here hold this bosul ball while I stand on one leg and do alternating supine dumbell curls to work my core

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