I am not a fan of big box gyms. They are full of distractions that take away from you getting a good workout in. I believe that you can get great workouts in without ever stepping foot in a big box gym. There are very inexpensive (and expensive!) tools you can use to get a great workout in the comfort of your own home. Tools like a simple dumbell set, a kettle bell, a TRX Suspension trainer, a bosu ball, a medicine ball and resistant bands are all great tools to use in your own home to get a workout in.

What Is The Best Home Workout Tool?

best at home workout toolThere is one tool that you can use that is the ultimate workout tool. It is the most inexpensive tool you can get. It is a tool that is big enough to put stress on your body, yet small enough you have it every where you go. You can use it anytime, anywhere. It can be used to create power, strength train, balance training and use for flexibility training. You can use it to get cardio in as well. Want to know about this amazing tool? It is your own body!

Body weight exercises are great because you can literally workout anywhere. Road Warrior? Home Body? Executive? You can get a great workout in where you are. By leveraging your own body, you can do countless exercises anytime that you want!

Here is a basic body weight workout you can do wherever you are at.


+ 30 seconds of jumping jacks.
+ 30 seconds of lunge and jumps
+ 30 seconds running in place
Rest 1 min

Rest 2 minutes after warmup

+ 10 Body Weight Squats
+ 10 push ups
+ 10 lunges
+ 10 mt. climbers (10 per side)
+ Rest 1 min
+ Repeat 4x times (5 total)

+ Plank 30 seconds
+ Side plank 30 seconds
+ Reverse Bridge 30 seconds.
+ Rest 1 min.
+ Repeat 1x.

Rest 2 minutes.

+ Shadow box 20 sec
+ Rest 10 sec
+ Repeat 10x for 5 minutes total.

Cool down
Static stretching

As always, before you do anything physical, you need to check with your doctor if you haven’t to ensure that you are fit enough to engage in physical activity and exercise. No matter if you think you are healthy, it is a good idea to check with your doctor, especially if you haven’t workout in awhile.

When it comes to your health, people often over think it. They see some gizmo or contraption on QVC and feel that they need to get it in order to produce results. You don’t need any tools. You have the tools built into your body. You need to use the tools you have. Getting healthy doesn’t take a whole bunch of hard work. It takes simple action steps to create a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in getting some help creating your healthy lifestyle, check out my program page and see what I offer to help you out.

To Your Health,