I am a big thinker. So big, my mind sometimes runs wild. I will start with a simple project, a simple idea, or opinion then get distracted by something, then get distracted again, and again, and again until I forget what exactly I am doing. It isn’t until I bear down and focus on what I am doing and stay focused do I produce massive results in whatever task I am doing.

Are You Focused?

I see this same principal in people regarding their health. They aren’t truly focusing on their health and constantly get distracted with fitness products, books, diets, and fitness programs. It’s like they see something shiny and new and think if they do that, then they will be healthy. There is a big difference between pretending to be healthy and actually being healthy. Just because you are doing the latest fad diet or fitness product, doesn’t mean you are getting healthy.  There are plenty of people out there that don’t entirely get focused on their health and therefore fall short. It is like they get a new diet book they swear they are really going to follow, then they see something else shiny and new pop up and then that is what they need in order to get healthy.

It is this reason that the fitness industry is such a huge industry. Any bozo can get a good marketing team, create a product and BOOM! you have people all over buying it because it is the next “big thing” in fitness (don’t believe me? Google shake weight). It is all these shiny objects that really take your focus away from what you are really trying to do: Get Healthy.

It really is very simple to get healthy. You don’t need fancy diets. You don’t need fancy products. You don’t need books. You need dedication. You need commitment. You need someone to educate you and exactly how to change YOUR lifestyle so health and wellness fits into your everyday life. That is how you will make lasting changing. Picking up the latest book is great for your education, but chances are you will implement those changes for a few months until something new comes along and then you will go right on into something new.

So focus on the bigger picture of getting healthy rather than following the latest fads. You will be surprised at the results.

To Your Health,