Hello Everyone! My name is Zachary Ninteman and I am the brains and brawn’s behind this site. This page is to give you a little glimpse of the site, and the Oz behind the curtain (me).

About The Site

I created this site to help people achieve their best life. This site isn’t just about fitness in the physical form. It is about getting your entire life fit. Some people refer to this term as “wellness”. I call it living life as it should be lived! Healthy. Happy. Fun. To The Fullest!!

Getting healthy isn’t hard. It is basic information. You were taught in grade school about the science of getting healthy. Remember that food pyramid thing? And the physical activity thing? Yeah – that is the big secret. Somewhere, society forgot about what being healthy means and now we are in a world where our bodies are screaming for help! I am here to help you and your body. You don’t need a trainer. A trainer will tell you what to do then watch you do it. You need someone to educate you. You are the only one who can change your life. A trainer can kick and scream till he is blue in the face but if you are not going to comply, he won’t change you. YOU can change you. I can educate you to help your change yourself. My hope is that you take this information you read on this site, and somewhere, somehow, it resonates in that special way that enables you to make that decision to change what you are doing.

About Me

about me
Hi-fivin’ it out at mile 14 – 2010 rock and roll marathon San Diego

So why should you listen to what I have to say?  There are plenty of people in the world that have a blog like this.

Well – let’s start off with the technical items: I have the education to back up what I say. I have a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (fitness, nutrition and health) and a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotions. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I hold certificates from the National Association of Speed and Explosion and the American Council on Exercise. I am working toward a few more certifications and have many CEC (continuing education credits) to ensure I always stay on top of the latest health findings and trends.  I have been working full time in the health, fitness and wellness industry for 4+ years at various positions. The reason I tell you this is is because finding people educated in the health, fitness and wellness field is hard to come by (sadly). They are out there, but the industry is platered with wannabe’s that pay their $499 for an exam and call themselves an expert. I have done my time, I have paid my dues, I know what I am talking about from a technical, science based education.

Besides for my education, I am passionate and fanatical about health, wellness and life. I LOVE helping being see the light and creating a better life for themselves by taking small, but powerful steps towards the best life.  I love watching people change their behaviors to live longer. I love the smile people get on their face when they start telling me they are getting results. I freaking live for that. It isn’t about “losing weight”. It isn’t about plugging time with your trainer. It is more than that – it is changing you bad behaviors that have gotten you in the mess you are in and developing new habits. I have seen this work. I know what doesn’t work. I have been around numerous people that justify themselves “getting results” because they try the latest fad diet or they go talk to their personal trainer about getting healthy, but never make any damn progress!

Now that I got that off my chest, let me tell you about me.

Personal Stuff: I currently live in the glorious city of San Diego and am not set to leave ever. I currently married to the world’s greatest woman (she literally should be a saint) and my spoiled beagle. I am a total southern california boy – meaning I have to put a sweater on at 55 degrees. : ) I love to travel and live an active lifestyle. I love to do anything outdoors, including snowboarding, playing sports, and taking family hikes. I also have a passion and love to technology, self help books and writing.

As of now, it is not my full time gig. But I dedicate all the time I can to it and will to you and your success. I will answer every email question. I will help in every way possible.

I look forward to chatting with your about how to make your life healthier! Check out my contact page to contact me!

~Zach Ninteman

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