Have you hit a plateau on you workouts? Here are 5 tips that you can do to get back on track and jump start results again:

  1. Move quickly from upper to lower body-By switching from upper to lower body, you crank up your caloric burn exponentially. Try this: Move from biceps curls to squats. It can raise your heart rate by forcing blood to shunt from your arms to your legs. Try to work this into your routine once a week to get great results.
  2. Lower your weight-Get every single fiber firing when you lift. When you lift, start with a heavier weight and do 10 reps. Switch to a little lighter of a weight to ensure that you can complete the next 10 reps. Then go even lighter on the third set again to ensure you can complete all the reps. Do this once a month, as you can feel VERY sore after you complete this workout.
  3. Work two muscle groups at once-Save time and burn more calories with a series of several muscle groups together. Try adding triceps presses to squats or front shoulder raises to lunges. This technique isn’t highly fatiguing, so try it once a week.
  4. Balance on one leg-Using one foot instead of two during strength moves will recruit the muscles in your core, helping you sculpt flat, sexy abs. Stand on one leg from everything from shoulder presses to squats. Because you are using only one leg, you will have to use a lighter weight in order to complete the exercise.
  5. Team up on one muscle-zap your most persnickety parts into shape by doing back to back exercise for the same muscle groups. For example, blast your lefts with a squat, followed by a lunge. To attack your abs, do bicycles followed by reverse crunches. This pushes your muscles to total exhaustion, so don’t try it more than twice a month.
This article was taken from the May 2006 issue of Fitness Magazine. It was written by Ethan Boldt. Check out Fitness magazine at www.fitnessmagazine.com.