If you were to take a survey for why people don’t work out, not having the time would probably be on top of the list. People are busy. We are a society that goes and goes and goes. Work life takes up most of life. But just because you are at work, doesn’t give you reason to be unhealthy. Here are 5 things you can do on the job (whatever that is) in order to stay healthy:

1) Breathe Deep. Deep breathes help clean out your body, relaxes you, and just gives you a moment to reset. Throughout the day, especially when you feel your self starting to stress and tense up, take 10 long, deep breathes. Breath from your belly, big breath in your nose, feel the clean oxygen coming in, hold for just a second at the top, open your mouth slight and exhale, feeling all the stress and toxins leave your body. That’s one. Do that 9 more times for a total of ten a few times and feel  yourself starting to de-stress.

2) Air Squats. Nothing beats a good ol’ air squat. There are a ton of modifications you can do, but here is the basic air squat position. Stand up with your feet about shoulder width part. Now unlock your hips (pop your butt out a bit) and lower yourself down to a squat position, hold for 1 second, then raise back up to a completely standing position (your hips should lock forward a bit). Do sets of 15 throughout the day. I knew an office one time where the entire office would set a trigger for the day (a word in an email, something the boss said, a certain time of day) and everyone would bust out 10 air squats as fast as they can, then get back to work. Have fun with it!

3) Take A Walk. Walks are probably one of the easiest things someone can do to stay healthy. They don’t have to be long walks. They don’t have to be vigorous walks. They just have to get your moving. Find a walk to do around your place of work and set two times a day to where you can do this walk. Maybe around the building, to the corner and back, or just pace around the office. Get up, move around and get walking.

4) Tighten Your Abs. This one can be done any time of the day and is quite simple. As you sit, stand, drive, whatever you do just take your abs through a series of tightening and relaxing sequences. Tighten every muscle in your abs and hold for 2-3 seconds. Relax. Rinse and repeat. Try to do sets of 10 if you can and do a few sets throughout the day.

5) Stretch. Another fitness/stress reducer combination. This one is especially for those of you who are hunched over a computer all day. Your muscles get used to being in one position. Sadly, that position isn’t a natural position to be in. Reset yourself. Stand up and focus on your posture. Stretch your shoulders, stretch your neck, stretch your hips, all the areas that you don’t normally move. Let your body get back to the normal position that it is meant to be in.

To Your Health –