29 Reasons To Get In Better Shape NOW!

  1. Because it costs you (or your loved ones) over 5 million pennies in future health care if you aren’t
  2. Because feeling better tomorrow starts today
  3. Because torture is a bad persuasion technique
  4. Because studies show that fit people make more money
  5. Because if you don’t, you suck
  6. Because movie stars do it
  7. Because performers do it
  8. Because everyone that is cool in your life does it
  9. Because you CAN commit 1.5 hrs/wk out of 176
  10. Because avoiding a wheelchair is a good thing
  11. Because hugs are better when you can actually wrap your arms around someone
  12. Because your kids really don’t want to put you in a rest home
  13. Because no matter what you keep telling yourself, thick is not sexy
  14. Because feeling grandpa’s muscles at Thanksgiving can be a yearly ritual
  15. Because cottage cheese is for fruit
  16. Because squeezing into a size 6 means you’re not a size 6
  17. Because love making is much more fun without the extra rolls
  18. Because being able to see your toes……hmmmm
  19. Because bigger clothes cost more money
  20. Because shopping for smaller clothes raises spirits
  21. Because hitting the State Fair and observing everyone shouldn’t be the only thing that puts a smile on your face
  22. Because having the woman in your life open a stuck jar of pickles for you is embarrassing
  23. Because no matter what anyone says, women are always in competition with each other. You do want to win, right?
  24. Because you had to ask your 10 year old son to take out the trash…..after all you couldn’t lift it
  25. Because beer makes everyone else look better while making you look worse
  26. Because weight training makes you look better while making everyone else look worse (see competition in women)
  27. Because yelling at the gym is a lot better than yelling at work (unless you are a cheerleader)
  28. Because “Shut your mouth or I’ll kick your
    ,” now actually has meaning
  29. Because being told you look 40 when you are actually 60 does something strange to self confidence

To Your Health –