Monthly Archives: November 2010

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks. And eat. And eat. And eat. Despite what many of you think, this post is NOT going to be about how you should watch what you eat on thanksgiving. It is going to be the opposite. Enjoy it. Thanksgiving isn’t the day to worry about your calories. It isn’t […]

The Twinkie Diet Works!! (Don’t Try This At Home)

There has been a news story running around and is quite popular with some of the health and fitness blogs that I read on a regular basis. Mark Haub, a professor of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, ate Twinkies, nutty bars or powdered donuts every 3 hours, instead of full healthy meals. He also […]

K.I.S.S WorkOut Program

I took a hard dose of my own advice this evening. Anyone that reads this regularly knows that I am a very keep it basic/keep it real for results type of guy. There isn’t magic potions on this site, no 5 minute fixes. Just basic ways to make lasting changes in your life. I attempted […]