Monthly Archives: October 2010

So What Can Physical Activity Really Do For Me?

Everyone knows that being active is healthy. Yet people still don’t do it. Obesity continue to go up. People continue to die from heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, strokes, and other factors that could be reverse through physical activity. So in hope that someone reads this, here is what some of the benefits of physical […]

Attitudes and Behaviors

I just read a great blog post from Alwyn Cosgrove, who owns Results Fitness. It was about a homeless man who was given $100,000 dollars, which is a large sum for someone who is living under a bridge. Within 6 months, he had $5000 left and within 9 months he was back living under a […]

Never Give Up.


I saw a sight today and it pushed me over the edge. First, I recently heard of a story of a man with cerebral palsy climbing El Capitan mountain in Yosemite. You can read the full story here: (watch the videos attached to it as well). It will make sense toward the end of […]